More than 5000 Blog Hits!

It’s difficult to meet deadlines when this sick, but you guys definitely make it worthwhile when I can! Courtesy of

This has been a rough month (physically and emotionally), and it has pulled me in a number of non-blog directions. Sorry the promised September Real Post never happened. It’s helpful to remind myself that this blog is a substantial undertaking for someone this sick, and that people reading this kind of blog are likely to be compassionate about necessary breaks. I find Toni Bernhard’s writings about compassion and self-compassion for the chronically ill to be exceptionally helpful when I’m feeling this kind of disappointment, so I will put one here.

Please do check back in the next couple of days, or follow my blog via email, because I have a new installment of the Guidebook for Navigating New Chronic Illness or Disability in the works!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy October.

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