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About Me: For 14 years, I worked hard to improve the American healthcare system. I got a Master’s in Public Health. I worked as a research coordinator, project manager, consultant, and eventually as a mentor to doctors, support staff, and administration, doing everything in my power to find out what parts of the healthcare system were broken and to fix them. Quite suddenly, I was struck down by heavy fatigue, constant migraines, and pain all over my body. Since then, I have become a full-time patient, experiencing first-hand the very problems I had been working to fix.

Why I Started This Blog: The more time I spend as a full-time patient, the more I have to say about the experience. Because I’ve been a healthcare administrator, I have a pretty good understanding of what is happening when I’m not getting the care I need. I hope that my stories will be read by other patients facing similar issues, and make them feel less alone. I also hope my stories will be read by people who are actively working in healthcare, who might be able to make changes in the way they and their colleagues practice. I would love to know that my stories made a difference.

What You Can Expect: I will be posting on the first day of each month. I have many stories I would love to share, and I look forward to hearing back from you, my readers. Please do leave comments, questions, and ideas for future posts.

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