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Apologies, dear readers. I spent many hours researching for a Real Post which was to go up today, but one computer and two forms of backups have failed me, and my pages of research have disappeared. Normally, this kind of setback could be overcome, but life, the weather and my body are conspiring to keep me from rallying to write a post from scratch.

I can provide a couple of updates, though:

1) My miraculous 2.5 days of fatigue remission have not been repeated to date, but now there’s hope.

2) I’m becoming increasingly fired up about chronic fatigue, and the setbacks we sufferers face when trying to communicate about it or when trying to get help for it. You can probably tell how focused I’ve become, based on the percentage of my blog posts which relate to this problem. I am currently in search of a physician to partner up with. I have hopes of collaborating to write letters to editors of medical journals, and even of trying to devising a tool for talking about fatigue levels on a 0-10 scale. Please let me know if you know anyone who might be interested and qualified. Other project ideas would also be welcome.

3) Read this powerful info about chronic fatigue! 

4) I had a major migraine-relief victory on Friday. My new pain doctor is compassionate and a good listener, but the injections he was giving me for my migraines were doing very little. In preparation for my appointment on Friday, I drew pictures of my face and the back of my head, and put X’s everywhere that injections have helped me in the past. He was incredibly responsive, and used my drawings as his map. What relief, too! I cried on the exam room table, because of the immense relief from having an intractable, constant migraine melt away after six months. I also cried because of how relieving it was to see that there can be payoff for consistently asserting myself, even when my fatigue and desire to be a “good patient” make me want to be quiet.

5) I received two beautiful submissions via my “Contact Me” page this month, and an unprecedented number of blog hits and reshares. Even though it is very hard to write, I deeply appreciate knowing that there is a reason to keep sharing my thoughts, stories, and knowledge. Thank you, and please keep the feedback coming.


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